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Our Mission

Support longtime, recent, and soon-to-be veterans as they navigate the modern workforce, adjust to civilian life, and grow as professionals, all through a network of like-minded veterans and supporters dedicated to helping their peers achieve success.

About Pride In Service

An Employee Resource Group at Pride Global, Pride In Service seeks to provide a platform for recent or soon-to-be veterans looking for help landing a job as they start their post-service career—and support for longtime veterans and their families through a community that empowers them to flourish in the civilian sector.

We understand the qualities that make veterans the world’s best employees and business leaders, from experience leading diverse teams in achieving goals to the kind of efficiency, resilience, and integrity that can only be forged in the world’s toughest workplace. Using that understanding, Pride In Service identifies job opportunities that match veterans’ skillsets and provides access to training opportunities, skill-building workshops, career development, and social events—all through our deep network of internal resources and partners.

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Program Structure

Pride in Service supports veterans in three stages of their post-military career:

Stage 1: Career Transition & Job Acquisition


Identifying experience and networking with veteran talent


Pairing veteran candidates with open opportunities


Directed vocational and soft-skills training


Resume polishing and interview preparation


Interviewing and getting hired

Stage 2: Career Building


Prepare veterans to surpass expectations and succeed in their new workplace environments

Career Trajectory

Help veterans think long-term about their career path and professional growth, rather than settling for just getting a job

Stage 3: Community


Build a robust community across Pride In Service’s network of veterans that can foster social connections and offer access to continuing education, training opportunities, new jobs/clients, and more—virtually or through in-person regional meetings

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Some Key Partnerships

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Culture as a Differentiator

As a human capital firm, we place a tremendous emphasis on the human experience within our company. Through initiatives like our DOJO & AIKIDO Program and our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, we create a workplace culture that can attract top talent to our company and keeps them energized and engaged.

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A Message From Our CEO:

Dear Veterans,

I wanted to take this moment to say thank you for your service to our country. Your choice to serve and the sacrifices you’ve made along the way give the citizens of this great nation the ability to live their lives in freedom. Your strength, fortitude, and heroism inspire us all, and we believe they’re skills that will serve you extremely well in the civilian workforce.

At Pride Global, we’ve already seen the value veterans bring to our team, and our client partners are actively searching for talent like you. But we can do more than simply connect you with job opportunities with these clients—we want your talent, too.

Through our employee resource group, Pride in Service, we help support veterans with career advice and peer mentoring to ensure a smooth transition to the civilian world. And as our expert recruiters have shown through long-lasting partnerships with the world’s biggest companies, we understand exactly how to match people with roles that allow their careers to take off.

We look forward to welcoming you as a part of the Pride Family!

Leo Russell
Founder & CEO — Pride Global

Join Us in Our Journey

If you are a veteran, a veteran-friendly company, or an organization looking to help, please reach out and join the effort.

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Interested in a job where you get to help people discover and live out their passion? Veterans typically make excellent recruiters. Check out how your veteran skills are transferable to a recruiter position and be sure to reach out to us if you’re interested in becoming a recruiter.

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