Why I Co-Founded the Silicon Valley Recruiters Association

Why I Co-Founded the Silicon Valley Recruiters Association

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“Why I Co-Founded the Silicon Valley Recruiters Association” – Alison Mackay, Manager at Russell Tobin & Associates

There are a few things which have remained a constant through my career, my focus around developing relationships and personal career development.  A few years ago I realized that after nine years in retail management/campus recruiting, my heart lied solely in the recruiting industry.  I had no idea where to begin so I searched for a group where I could attend events to learn from experts in the industry and truly understand how to be a successful recruiter.  No such group could be found…in Silicon Valley nonetheless!  I have heard it time and time again- people just fall into the recruiting industry.  While we do learn day by day, I believe it is important to surround yourself with like-minded colleagues in order to learn and grow.

Remembering my long journey transitioning into the staffing industry, I bring you the Silicon Valley Recruiters Association.  An association which I have co-founded with my good friend and fellow recruiter, Jenna Luthy.  After meeting Jenna and discussing the lack of community around our industry, we have started this association as a way to connect the Area’s Recruiting Professionals (both agency and corporate) for networking and educational purposes in a non-competitive environment.  There will be quarterly events- a mixture of networking mixers and key note speakers to discuss industry trends in an educational setting.  Our hope is that this will provide a balance of community and professional development to our members.

We invite all recruiters, human resource professionals, and even those exploring the recruiting industry to join our LinkedIn group: Silicon Valley Recruiters Association.  Our first event will be taking place in the next few months (stay tuned for location and details).  If you are interested in learning more about SVRA (board and sponsorship opportunities are available!), please visit our website: www.siliconvalleyrecruitersassociation.com and don’t forget to check out our various social media pages for the most up to date information!