PrideFit 2018

PrideFit (1)

Do you have what it takes?

PrideFit is a great way for people to expand their circle of influence outside of their home office. PrideFit teams will consist of two partners within the Pride family, but you and your partner must sit in different offices. (i.e. Charleston employee has to pair with someone in NYC/Minny/SF/etc…). Now is the time to hold each other accountable to achieve both your PrideFit goals and professional goals you have for 2018!


Start Date: January 8th

End Date: February 9th

Teams will consist of TWO people who sit in different home offices

Point Categories:

1 Mile Run/Walk – 1 Point (this is not casual walking – this is deliberate)

1 Hour of Class – 2 Points (Includes any group exercise or personal training. I.e. Yoga, Kickboxing, CrossFit, Zumba, Spin etc.)

3,500 FitBit Steps – 1 Point (can be any and all steps taken in a day)

If you chose FitBit Steps, you may not double dip by counting points from your Run/Walk and vice versa

4 Minutes of Planks – 1 Point

50 Push Ups/Pull Ups – 1 point (can be improvised)

100 Body Weight Squats/Lunges – 1 point

50 burpees – 1 point **New Exercise** (Please note: you do not have to do a push-up at the bottom of your burpee. The only requirement is that your chest touches the ground, we don’t care what you do to get there).

Click here to enter your points for the day: LINK