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Where will your career take you?

At Pride, we value your passions and want you to bring your special sauce to the company.

What drives you outside of your job?

Every member of our global team has the opportunity to rise to cultural senior leadership for their contributions to the company and culture, no matter where they sit or what title they hold.

If this path sounds like one you’d like to walk, you’ve come to the right place.

X+Y = Success

Here at Pride we measure success in two ways: performance and cultural contributions. We measure performance along what we call the x-axis, considering your accomplishments. Cultural contributions supporting our values and company initiatives are tracked along the y-axis. There is opportunity for promotion on both axis every quarter.

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Our Values: AIKIDO

Pride culture centers around AIKIDO, an acronym that embodies the qualities we look for in our leaders. Team members who exemplify these values rise through our Dojo method of cultural promotion.

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In a constantly changing world, we value those with the ability to adjust and grow no matter what comes their way.
An image of a fighter woman tying up her hair, apparently preparing itself for a fight


If we can’t be honest with our colleagues, we can’t work together. Pride team members are open and trustworthy, and always have each other’s backs.
A woman applying self-defense techniques on a dojo enviroment


Learning is a never-ending process and true growth comes from building and enhancing the way we do business both as a company and within our roles.
A group of man dressed out with japanese kimonos, but seated in martial arts position


We believe everyone deserves not just a seat at the table, but space in the conversation. We value differing perspectives across our network of brands, clients, and within every step of the hiring process.
Two woman dressed out with japanese kimono and training sword fighting


Successful Pride team members are passionate and self-motivated as we all work towards a common goal: Helping the world work.
A beautiful girl smiling at camera with kimono


Our glass is always half-full. A positive attitude goes a long way in even the toughest situations.

Join the Dojo

We honor the cultural contributions of our team members through a system of colored belts, based on the Japanese martial arts style of training, examinations, and learning encounters.

Every new team member starts as a white belt, rising as they learn, grow, and contribute to Pride culture.








Members of our orange, green, and purple belt levels (the OGP) make up our cultural senior leadership ranks, taking part in company decisions and enjoying special perks that go beyond their official title or job function.

Dojo Rising

Once a quarter we celebrate each other, rewarding team
members with belt promotions in a companywide ceremony.