Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

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“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”  -Steve Beyer, Director of Recruiting, PRIDE Health Philadelphia

On the occasion that my daughter is sad at night, singing the words of a familiar tune with her usually changes her whole perspective. I typically invite her to join me in a rendition of a princess song from one of her favorite Disney movies. I certainly don’t know every lyric and note, but as a five year old she is amused by my efforts as we sing the familiar tune together. As time passes slowly through each verse and the familiar refrain of the chorus, whatever had caused her sadness seems not to be so dire. In the midst of the song, I quietly celebrate what she has become and the relationship we have as we carve our way through the words of the song.

At my prior recruiting firm, one of my younger colleagues and I had attempted to have every member of our recruiting team to choose a “Lock Song” that they would have to play on their computer’s speakers whenever they achieved another successful placement. After a few weeks, it seemed like we were the only two recruiters who were playing our particular chosen songs (“Machinehead” and “Call Me, Maybe”). Soon our celebratory desk-side dance parties and “Lock Songs” had become a thing of the past.

During my interview visit to Pride’s NYC office, Heather and I were mid-conversation when a song started blaring over the sound system. “Wait… What is that song for?” I recall asking. Her response was significant for me. I had somehow found a company that actually endorsed what I had known as “Lock Songs.”

Of course, there has always been one recruiting tune that I had never stopped loving. If reciting a verse from a song in a Disney movie could make my five year old feel like a princess, saying this tune during the work day would always make her dad feel like a king.

“You have the official offer…”

There are many sounds within the office on a typical day, but this is easily my favorite. What started with an initial introductory phone call to a hospital eventually led to a contract and then to my phone call with the verbal offer. On the recruiting side, it is the crescendo of my solo – my opportunity to close the deal and start the celebration. It’s a tune that I was very accustomed to singing during my decade as a travel nurse recruiter with the large recruiting firm in suburban Philadelphia. If I was not the one asking this question on a given day, I would always perk up to listen to a colleague singing this verse of the recruiting song.

“…Would you like to accept?”

As amazing as these words sounded previously, I appreciate them much more today. I had left a situation at my prior company where we were working with many established long-term and even exclusive relationships with healthcare facilities and providers. Now in the infancy of Pride Health in Philadelphia, every small success is appreciated more as we try to build and develop something amazing for the long-term while traversing whatever daily obstacles lie in our path.

As Pride Health and my daughter simultaneously enjoy their fifth years, there is certainly much more hard work ahead. It is exciting that we in Philadelphia are now a part of the Pride Health team and look forward to countless new contracts and “Lock Songs” as we work together to make the finest music in our industry.